PostHeaderIcon Hey William J. Kelly - WHY DON'T YOU SHUT UP?

Now Kelly is calling for "Chairman Brady" to "disavow" the "Dodge/Topinka smear campaign"....why Brady should disavow something that doesn't exist is beyond me...the "smear campaign" is something -like his popularity and fabricated polling numbers-that Kelly has manufactured...much like Axelrod's PK and Media manufactures news.  Martin Janis is the Topinka equivalent of AKP&D Message and Media.  How can you "smear someone with the truth? How can someone be smeared with information they themselves put out on the internet?

Here's a question for you - where do you suppose "Low Blow Joe" came from?

It came from Nancy Kimme...and there is your Topinka goes right back to Kelly.  BINGO.

Bill can call and cry to whoever he wants at this point...the more he blabbers, the more he is revealing.

If Kelly does something stupid, I'm going to call attention to it.  He wants people that criticize him to shut up...which is all the more reason to raise objections to the schtick.

Nice job, Bill, say hi to Nancy from the REAL conservatives that Judy hates!!!

PostHeaderIcon Break In At North Side Campaign Office; Police Investigating

Just received this message from Steve Ruggiero, William J. Kelly’s campaign manager.

Police investigate scene at GOP candidate for comptroller’s office
At 3:30PM William J. Kelly, candidate for Illinois comptroller, and his campaign manager, Steve Ruggiero, arrived at their campaign office at 1000 N. Milwaukee to discover it had been forcibly broken into. Missing items of political relevance include ward maps with campaign information and a list of volunteers. Other missing items include some equipment, champagne and cigars. Kelly has filed a police report and the police have dusted for fingerprints and are searching for possible suspects.
“The police are conducting an investigation; we don’t know if the break-in was politically motivated, however, politically sensitive items were removed from our office. Regardless, this campaign is and always has been a campaign of reform vs. corruption. If anyone thinks that this break-in will intimidate me, they don’t know me very well - it will only make me campaign harder,” said Kelly.
More information about William J. Kelly’s campaign can be found here.

Update: ABC Local's short blurb on it is here.

PostHeaderIcon Dan Proft Leads Illinois Governor GOP, Dem Candidates in Web “Eyeballs” Race

At the Illinois Observer there's a rather humorous exchange on this post, which points out that Proft's website is leading in the 2010 Candidates Web Analysis for traffic leveraging Alexa.

The people of Illinois are looking for candidates who have content; who are actually proposing to do something.

The followers of Adam for Illinois seem unable to grasp that.

PostHeaderIcon Let the best man win

Dan Proft tried to give Adam Andrzejewski some advice and Adam Andrzejewski came back immediately with an immature response.

Now Adam Andrzejewski has managed to insult both Chris Christie in New Jersey and Dan Proft in Illinois.

I would like to see Adam's plan for tax cuts in Illinois. If he's going to criticize a fellow republican in New Jersey for not having any; it's only fair that Adam Andrzejewski should pony up.

This should be about what's best for Illinois and not about backbiting within the ranks.

As Proft says at his campaign website,

To go after Chris Christie, a man who has done more to clean up New Jersey politics and put more corrupt public officials in jail than almost anyone else, as someone bereft of ideas is just strange.

Chris Christie is running against Jon Corzine, one of the most odious Democrats from a vile political machine that rivals our own. I'm with Christie. Adam, who are you with?

PostHeaderIcon Indoctrination in our schools

It isn't only the Sieg Heil to Obama in public education that we should be concerned about; we should be heavily concerned to take action against the indoctrination into the radical homosexual agenda put forward by GLSEN founder Kevin Jennings in grades K-12. Jennings was- laughably and tragically- crowned the "Safe Schools Czar".  How, by any stretch of the imagination, someone who promotes sodomy, fisting and other forms of deviant sex practices - to school age children and uses our public schools and public funds to do so-is promoting "safety" in schools is beyond me....except that they've inverted the wording so as to make it sound as though we are promoting "safety" against Christians' bigotry against homosexuality.  In short; safety against the evils of Christianity that go against deviant and dangerous sexual behavior.

As noted by Gateway Pundit-Obama's Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings Hid Pedophilia In fact, as Fox News reported-
President Obama's "safe schools czar" is a former schoolteacher who has advocated promoting homosexuality in schools, written about his past drug abuse, expressed his contempt for religion and detailed an incident in which he did not report an underage student who told him he was having sex with older men.
It's even worse than that, as reported by AFTAH founder Peter LaBarbera: Kevin Jennings Statement on Brewster Incident Too Little Too Late -Jennings didn't report the Brewster incident because in his view, the youngster enjoyed it the more the elder man sodomized him.
Help Oust Kevin Jennings — ‘School Safety Czar’
By Laurie Higgins, Illinois Family Institute, Sept. 30, 2009

The indefensible decision of [Education Secretary] Arne Duncan to appoint radical homosexual activist and founder of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), Kevin Jennings, to the position of Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools is finally generating the public opposition it deserves.

Criticism of Jennings is coming from multiple sources all over the country. From small and large pro-family organizations to the Washington Times to Sean Hannity — all are calling for Jennings to resign or be terminated. Now is the time to act. Call or email your representatives and senators to politely demand the ousting of Kevin Jennings who is at least as unsuitable and controversial an appointment as the former “Green Czar” Van Jones was.

Jennings began his career in education as a teacher in a private Massachusetts boarding school. He has written and spoken about an incident that occurred when he was teaching there in which a troubled 15-year-old boy confessed to Jennings that he was having a sexual relationship with an older man he had met in a Boston bus station bathroom. Jennings’ response to this troubled teen was to advise him to use condoms. Even more troubling, Jennings failed to fulfill his legal obligation to report sexual activity between an adult and a child under the age of 18. When Jennings’ professional misconduct was reported to the National Education Association (NEA) by the chair of the NEA Republican Educator’s Caucus, Jennings threatened a lawsuit against the teacher who reported it.

For a fascinating expose of this disturbing chapter in Jennings’ disturbing life, read these articles by Grove City College professor, Warren Throckmorton:

* “Remembering Brewster”
* “The saga of Kevin Jennings and Brewster: Enter Robertson”

Fortunately, Jennings left teaching but unfortunately for the nation went on to found GLSEN, whose mission is to use public funds and public education to normalize homosexuality. GLSEN was the sponsor of the notorious sexuality workshop “Teach Out” held at Tufts University in 2000 where students as young as 14 were exposed to graphic descriptions of deviant sexual practices by adult homosexual “educators.” This workshop has come to be known as “Fistgate” because of one particular [horrific] sexual practice taught to teens. [WARNING: GRAPHIC DESCRIPTION:“Fisting” is a sadomasochistic perversion emerging from the homosexual subculture — in which a man inserts his hand and then forearm up the rectum and into the colon of another man (for sexual pleasure); among some lesbians or straight sadomasochists into this dangerous act, the hand and arm are inserted deep into the vagina. “Fistgate” came to light because a concerned parent secretly taped the GLSEN-sponsored workshop. You can listen to the incredible Boston “Fistgate” audiotape and read a transcript of the outrageous discussion with underage students HERE on the MassResistance website. Kevin Jennings never directly apologized on behalf of GLSEN for this this scandal; in fact, GLSEN and other homosexual activist organizations attacked conservatives for “violating the privacy” of the students who were secretly audiotaped by Scott Whiteman, the Massachusetts citizen who taped the workshop, thus providing the world the evidence of GLSEN’s corruption of children.]
As Peter points out, Homosexual behavior is hardly “safe,” as evidenced by the disproportionately high incidence of sexually-transmitted diseases among homosexuals.

Jennings must go, as should Sec. Duncan for ignoring the appeals of countless American parents outraged at the promotion of his aggressively anti-Christian bigot who presided over the “Fistgate” scandal and used a predatory homosexual seduction of one of his sophomore students to confirm the victimized boy as “gay.” Call/write Congress at: 202-224-3121; 202-225-3121;

PostHeaderIcon Illinois Driver's License Fee To Go Up: Quinn's Idea of "Stimulus"

Well...they need to get the money they've already blown from somewhere.

Driver's license renewal fees to rise -WGN Chicago Breaking News

SPRINGFIELD -- For more than 25 years, it has cost Illinoisans 10 dollars to renew their driver's licenses. That is about to change.

On Oct. 11, the cost of renewing a standard Illinois driver's license jumps from the $10 in effect since 1983 to $30.

The hike in the renewal fee came as lawmakers and Gov. Pat Quinn raised a number of taxes and fees in order to pay for a $30 billion program to build roads, schools and bridges.

Quinn and lawmakers touted the construction plan for its potential to generate jobs during the recession. However, Secretary of State Jesse White says he doesn't want to be blamed for the fee increases as drivers pour into his offices.

White is seeking re-election to his post.

-- Associated Press
So this is Quinn's version of "stimulus" for the State of Illinois, I take it.  Build the infrastructure with tax dollars ripped off from working people.  Nobody wants to be "blamed" for these increases...yet the only people that bear the responsibility are the ones who are in office making these foolish decisions.  Unless, of course, you want to blame Bush.

From the Cook County Blog

PostHeaderIcon Proft: Quinn should rescind Exec. Order 0915; Republicans stop taking cash from SEIU, AFSCME!

from the Proft for Governor campaign and Illinois Review

(Chicago, Illinois) - Today conservative Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Proft joined families with disabled children to protest Gov. Pat Quinn’s Executive Order 09-15 which provides public sector unions SEIU and AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)) the ability to unionize providers of services to the disabled under the Home-based Support Services Program administered by the Illinois Department of Human Services. In many instances, the persons who have qualified for assistance as home-based service providers are the parents of the disabled children.

“This is appeasement of the public sector unions by Gov. Quinn at the expense of quality service and service providers to disabled people in Illinois,” said Proft.  “Quinn is at the mercy of the public sector unions and, as a result, he has green-lighted the despicable, coercive efforts of SEIU and AFSCME.  They seek to impose themselves on families and increase the costs of service provision on those who already struggle to provide quality care to their disabled children.”

“This is par for the course in state government,” Proft continued.  “Systems are fixed in favor of the public sector unions and the politicians they support and against people who play by the rules, including the most vulnerable among us.”

“If Gov. Quinn truly cares about families with disabled children, he will rescind Executive Order 09-15 and call off the SEIU and AFSCME attack dogs,” said Proft.

Proft also called on fellow Republicans to stop accepting campaign cash from SEIU and AFSCME.
“For too long, Republicans in Illinois have gone along to get along,” said Proft.  “They have been complicit with public sector unions who have had the run of this state at taxpayer expense while people who play by the rules have been fleeced to finance the status quo.”

“We, as Republicans, need to take the fight to the public sector unions and speak with moral clarity,” Proft continued.  “We cannot do this if we’re on their dole.  Republicans and Republican campaign committees from the State Party on down should cease accepting campaign contributions from SEIU and AFSCME if we desire to present a comprehensive reform agenda for Illinois with clean hands.”
Proft noted that last week the Illinois State Republican Party Chairman called on a Democrat U.S. Senate candidate to renounce his ties to SEIU and SEIU backed candidates.

“If we’re going to call on others to cut ties from SEIU, then we should begin by doing so ourselves,” Proft added.

State Senator Kirk Dillard, one of Proft’s opponents, has taken more than $3600 in contributions from SEIU and AFSCME.  The House Republican Organization has accepted more than $83,000 from SEIU and AFSCME.

Proft expressed his thanks to the Bronfeld, Stiefel, Schwartz, and Withers families who demonstrated the courage to stand up and step out against this power grab by SEIU and on behalf of protecting the quality of care they are currently able to offer their children.

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